Thursday, 26 June 2008

The beginning...

Hello and welcome to My First Billboard.

The basic concept is simple. I began to construct digital prints as part of my art practice, a series of purposeless posters if you will. These came through a series of works using narrative-less comics and an obsession with what and how we see things when our attention is skewed. I began to delete or blur parts of images in the hope of coaxing out something else, something new, attempting to use deletion as something constructive and progressive, and not a mere destructive force with the ability to be nostalgic, or redemptive in some way. As John Baldessari once put it ‘when we erase, I think we play into the fear of a vacuum. And that makes people uneasy and they have to fill it in’. In other words from deletion comes creation.
Within my own work this led me towards the billboard sized display for the work,My First Billboard and outdoor alternative space on which my work could reside. The premise is that over the next month or so, whenever I choose, the previous content of the board will be destroyed, covered, deleted by the new fresh work pasted over it. This could be anything, pointless posters, empty rhetoric, heartfelt wishes, community notices...basically i dont know....we will see what rears its head.

Within this blog i'll document the process from construction to deconstruction so please bear with me, offer advice, tell me what you think etc.

lets get this show on the road,